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A solution for companies in need for original products for clients or their coworkers. We design, manufacture and deliver unique products, promo materials, limited editions, packaging solutions or printed stationeries.


"It is such a great satisfaction when you hear all those admiring comments from your colleagues and clients. It makes me feel like the extra effort was really worth it."

Petra Machartova

Marketing Specialist

Benefits of Custom Design


Marketing Tools

We design products with your brand vision and customers in mind. This way it becomes personal and actually works as a tool of marketing .

Media Content

We design products to be newsworthy. Often we deliver our designs together with professional photos, press release and social media content for you to use.


We work with local producers and manufacturers and design products using certified materials and technologies. All our print materials are FSC certified.

Our favourite products

Promotional Products

Everything you need for your business partners, event guests, coworkers or office managers.

Print Design

Notebooks, brochures, certificates or even books. We love paper and everything you can do with it.

Event Goodies

From VIP presents for event partners to sweets that come in handy after lunch.


Let’s design the first experience customers get with your product - that’s what packing design really is about.

Trophies & Awards

Unique pieces designed to become a manifestation of triumph, not just a nameless thing on the office shelf.

Anything else?

In design, everything is possible. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out Product Development.

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