Custom Design

Christmas in the Box

Christmas gifts can be tricky, especially the corporate ones. How to come up with something both useful and beautiful? How to design a present that combines Christmas, KPMG activities and aesthetics?
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Christmas Eve Survival Kit

Three ornaments, bell, smoking cone, mulled wine and name cards make a necessary kit to evoke Christmas atmosphere and facts about each of them work as spice for personalised gift reflecting the company. The idea behind is: Everything you need on Christmas Eve.

Have Fun with Data

Surveys and analysis are one of the key activities of KPMG so we decided to design a Christmas set flavoured with a few entertaining statistics. Did you know that seventy percent of Czech families wait for the Baby Jesus to ring its bell before they gather at the Christmas tree? Or that 51% of people drink mulled wine from glasses and 49% from mugs? What about you?

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