Custom Design

Concrete Notebook for Developers

It was a tough proposition to design a promotional product that could represent Skanska, since it is a global company with a broad and diversified range of activities.

Understanding Skanska Culture

We started by checking with Skanska employees to find out what they use in their everyday work. In Skanska there are thousands of people in office positions as project managers, architects, but also workmen, concreters and bricklayers. It was not an easy task to came up an object that would link them all. After all, we ended up with a very concrete notebook.

Skanska office wall

The first notebook was made with real concrete on the cover, while the rest of our notebooks have the structure of the concrete material offset printed right on canvas. The design is derived from a photo of a wall in a Skanska building in Prague. Once that building is finished, we will put a sign on that wall informing people that: “The concrete canvas cover of the Skanska notebooks that everybody has in their pockets finds its original here”.

Common feature

The essence of the concrete notebook lies in the material that has been iconic for Skanska. Concrete is the common feature of all their towers, bridges, skyscrapers and undersea tunnels.  

pocket for necessities
detachable sheets
pages for your ideas
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