Custom Design

Constellation Lights

Our quest was to create a really original light installation for the newly opened showroom of an italian company Fedrigoni in Prague. Since 1888, Fedrigoni has stood for excellence in paper production. Their paper is characterized by fine structures created during the intricate production process.

Medieval roots

Paper structure decors have an interesting history that dates back to the time of handmade paper being produced in medieval paper workshops. The paper got its translucent lined structure imprinted from the threads of a grid where the paper mass used to be dried into paper sheets. It is possible to identify an exact paper mill where a paper was made according to these paper structures imprinted from different grids.

Paper structures

For tailoring the lights to fit with the amazing paper that can be seen in the showroom, we decided to take the Fedrigoni Constellation Jade paper structures IntreccioVergata and Fluid and used it as a decor in the crystal shade of our lights.

Fedrigoni in Europe

The idea was a success in Fedrigoni, so another trio of our paper-inspired Constellation Lights have gone to another Fedrigoni store in Germany.