CX Innovation with IKEA

How to improve IKEA's “Second Life for Furniture” service that allows people to offer old furniture to IKEA and give it another chance? And how to share our design know-how on Global Innovation Week at the same time?
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Tasting Human Centered Design

During Global Innovation Week we decided to give people an insight into the IKEA project and introduce HCD methods in practice. They became part of the innovation process and learned the basic tools for service design at the same time.

Defining the key moments

After spending time in research, interviews with IKEA employees and customer journey mapping we were able to define the key moments to focus on at our workshop. The main topics were related to price expectations, furniture description and transport. These topics resonated both with IKEA customers and employees.

The power of silent brainstorming

During the short, but intense workshops we manage to gather over 150 ideas from our participants. Some insights confirmed our presumptions, such as the fact that people prefer when IKEA experts offer the price for old furniture rather than suggesting price themselves and that negotiating with IKEA. But there were some nice surprises as well. People for example often shared the desire to know the story of their furniture from previous owners.

Hour Workshop
Design Tools
Ideas for IKEA