HCD is no Rocket Science

How to explain Human Centered Design methods to start-up enthusiasts involved in space program for technology downsteam? Does it sound like two universes that have no chance to connect? Challenge accepted.
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Customer experience for Space Start-up

Innovators have the ability to transform space technologies into products for practical use in our daily life. That is how Teflon landed in our kitchens after it came into existence on the moon. But space innovators can easily forget who these real people are, dealing with real rocket-science materials and technologies. And that is the part we wanted to get involved in and help with our skills.

One for all

We became mentors for a team who invented the application Tuddy Tuddy. It allows to connect travelers to local experiences using satellite navigation systems of ESA. By leading a public workshop where we introduced smart HCD tools we managed to identify their customer and his needs and point out the critical scenarios that can possibly happen on their way.

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