Custom Design

iPad Stand

We were asked to design a freestanding interactive kiosk for the lobby of Skanska headquarters in the Corso Court building in Prague. The building designed by renowned architect Ricardo Bofill and Studio Casua was already there, so we had to design a unique piece that would fit in with the existing structure. In the best case, we aimed to make it ecological.

The Design

Since we decided to use a lot of metal pieces welded together for the stand, we couldn‘t use a standard surface finish that requires high temperatures during application, eg. no anodizing, since that would make our construction explode :) Therefore we decided to use an old time-proven method – our solution was powder coating paint made in an automotive workshop.

The Solution

To stay with the genius loci, we kept the stand white. The clean vertical outline also matches well with the bamboo wall behind the reception desk. We decided to break the simple look by an asymmetrically designed cut that allows an interesting structure from inside to emerge. And we achieved our ecological aim: we built the stand using residual aluminium profiles that had been left over from the construction of the Skanska headquarters building.

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