Case Study

Leather Goods

Wiesner Hager is a leading international company that produces high-end office furniture. There is a lot of experience and wisdom in Wiesner Hager and they care about the environment and sustainable production. Together, we tried to push the boundaries in making use of material used during the industrial production process.
Wiesner Hager

The Design

The company is building on 150 years of tradition, but they are working with the newest technologies and best materials. We focused on the most precious material – and that is leather. The industrial production of furniture leaves over a certain percentage of leather and that opens up a great opportunity for design. The small pieces of leather that are left over aren’t enough for a new armchair, but could become something else...

The Solution

So a collection of small goodies was born, as we designed wallets, card-sleeves, iPhone Covers and clutches made out those small pieces of leather that are the byproducts of Wiesner Hager’s industrial production of furniture. We had to take care and think of every detail of the design to match the top quality of Wiesner Hager furniture. Our leather goodies are hand sewn in a factory that creates also some of Prada’s products.

The Ecology

Long story short, that’s how we designed a collection of high-end fashion accessories and at the same time saved some precious materials :)

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