Custom Design

Vergata Whisky Glass

We aimed to design a beautiful little something for the milestone birthday of Fedrigoni’s Central European sales manager. We were searching for something that would be timeless, original and also avoid the classical birthday clichés.

Paper structures

The idea was basically the same one that we had used for Constellation Lights, which were in production by that time. We used Fedrigoni paper decor for surface structures of whisky glasses.

Handy decor

In this case the decor on the glass becomes useful too – it helps the glass fit in the hand better. It also prevents fingerprints from appearing on it so that the glass stays perfectly neat all the time.

Grinding technology

A very different technology had to be used from the one that we had used for our lights. This time we needed a real glass grinding (which means you grind off part of the glass). In the end we produced the glasses in the Bomma glass factory, which is a unique place that works with grinding of such a fine precision that it allowed the Fedrigoni paper decor to stand out.

milimetres precision cut
original design
hours machine setup time
minutes grinding time per glass