Product Development

XTND Electric Longboard

The electric ultralight longboard is shaping the future of urban transport. We helped the company XTND and their engineers to improve various aspects of the product’s design. Our support included enhancing everything from the look and feel to redesigning the locomotive dynamics. The project was featured at CES technology conference (Las Vegas) in 2017.

Engineering Excellence

Much of the product’s ingenuity lies in its engineering prowess. The mechanical parts are equipped with exceptionally small planetary transmission gear. In an unprecedented achievement, Daniel from XTND designed a motor and transmissions that both fit inside wheels with a diameter of 65mm. It was up to us to devise a cooling system compact and powerful enough to suit the intricate machinery.

Performance Materials

Using materials of the finest quality was essential to building a smooth, high-performance experience. The construction of the electric longboard is reinforced with premium carbon fibre and titanium metals to ensure maximum resilience. Save for the battery, every detail is custom-designed, from the outer structure to the smallest screw.

CES 2017, Las Vegas, USA

It was our pleasure to see our friends from XTND exhibiting the hi-tech longboard at the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA.

stitches from live testing
design hours
CES visitors