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We Believe
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Our Vision
Every time we create something new we are shaping the future. What if every product made worked for you as it is supposed to? What if every customer experience ended with a smile on your face? What if everything created was a true attempt to make the world a better place? That's our Vision.
Our Mission
To define design as a tool of positive impact and help others to use it.
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Our Role

1. We Design

We design products and services with measurable positive impact.

2. We Innovate

We experiment and invent new ways of using design for good.

3. We Share

We create and share knowledge to help others to benefit from design.

Q Team

Jindřich Fialka


Linda Matějovská

CX Designer

Matyáš Fuchs

Product Designer

Dimitris Psaropoulos

Frontend Developer

Zdeněk Hejda

Graphic Designer